Dear Parents,

MHS is grateful that we are able to offer your child an exceptionally high standard of education and learning, exposure to sports, arts and culture as a new institution operating in a tough economic climate. In order to maintain and further enhance these standards, we are absolutely dependant on parents to pay school fees, and pay the fees timeously. As a young school, lacking the financial support that many of the older schools enjoy by virtue of an established alumni, we also have the additional burden of having to continuously add additional facilities, equipment, services and staff complement to provide the best possible high school experience to our learners.

At the annual budget meeting (to which all parents received an invitation) held on 14 November 2018, the budget requirements for next year were explained, and the necessary context given for a 12% increase in school fees, which increase was approved by the attending parents.

We have strived to serve all the needs of our learners by increasing the fees to R20972.00 for 2019, in turn we expect payment from all parents who have selected MHS as school of choice for their child, knowing that MHS is a fee paying school and as such, according to legislation, fees agreed upon at the annual budget meeting are compulsory for all learners. You have also signed the application form, on which this undertaking is clearly stated.

Please exercise a payment option by completing the tear-off slip below, and returning that to the school.

From April onwards, defaulting on the payment of school fees will result in the handing over such accounts to the school’s debt collectors, in accordance with relevant legislation: “The governing body of a public school may, by process of law, enforce the payment of school fees by parents who are liable to pay in terms of section 40.” If no payment or agreement regarding payment has been made by 1 June of the academic year, the full amount for the year will be handed over. Parents will then be liable for their fees plus interest and costs.

Statements for school fees are sent monthly via email to parents who have not paid in advance for the year. Please send us your correct email address and also update us on any changes in this regard by email to

Please keep strictly to your option for payment – it is the parent’s responsibility to check your monthly school fees statement. It is also every parent’s duty and responsibility to ensure that your school fees are up to date. Please contact the school immediately if you do not  receive your monthly school fees statement.

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